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Welcome to Kansas Deer Hunting. This site is all about hunting, and specifically, hunting for Mature whitetail bucks. I am a bowhunter, my wife is a bowhunter, and anyone who hunts our farms are bowhunters. We love deer hunting, we love chasing mature whitetail deer, and we are good at it! We will mention many products and links in our blog posts, however, these aren’t just there to get you to buy something, we PERSONALLY use everything we promote, if it sucks, we won’t promote it. We are not guides, we are just hunters who love what we do. Come along for the ride, as we chase big bucks in 2013!

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Bucks filling out nicely

PICT0830After running trail cameras for the past two months the bucks have really filled out their racks nicely.  I typically see velvet shed the middle of August in the midwest, so I would say we have 15-20 days of growing …

Summertime Scouting

This past weekend I spent some time in the woods putting out trail cameras and checking out some new properties.  It is hard to get too excited about deer hunting when its 95 and humid but this is the time …