This morning I saw no deer movement before 8am, then all of a sudden the deer came from everywhere!  The bucks moved all day and tonight at 4:43 I had about 10 does and some spikes in the clearing I was hunting.  A bedded spike got nervous and started looking past my tree into the thicket.  I couldnt see anything in there, all of a sudden the spike stands up and runs away.  I look back to my right and a huge 9 point is standing at 30 yards.  He was quartering away pretty hard, but I knew I had to make the shot, so I focused on the exit point and squeezed.  The Monster XLR8 sent that Muzzy through him like a hot knife through butter and the buck ran about 50 yards and fell over!  I have poor internet service here, and it was dark before I gutted him so this is the only photo I have… More to come tomorrow!buck

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