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I walked in today, as its rained about 4 inches in the past 3 days, and put out a new pile of Bone D Monium and checked the Moultrie trail cameras.  The deer are really eating the Bone D Monium right now, and the bucks are all in hard antler.  I am really watching one buck, he is a crab claw 9 point with a nice sticker off his left brow tine.  I am guessing he is a 140″ deer, and then we have a young buck show up, that we nicknamed corkscrew, you’ll see why below.  This buck is probably only 2.5 years old and has some great potential.  I spoke with Jesse Morehead of Stayin’ Safe TV last night, his boy Jacob hunted our Kansas farm, and saw lots of deer, but couldn’t get into position for a shot, tonight they are hoping to change that.  In case you are wondering, its youth season in Kansas right now.  That’s all for today, enjoy the pics below.


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