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I wasn’t planning on hunting tonight but my AWESOME wife told me to go to the woods, so I did!  About 5 I saw a couple small bucks and then the does flooded the food plot and the Bone D Monium.  Right before dark the buck we call CrabClaw walked out and put his nose in the “Bone Pile”!  I drew the Monster back and settled the pin on his front right shoulder, as he was quartering to me pretty good, and squeezed the release.  The Muzzy found its mark and the buck “donkey kicked” and ran off, about 30 other deer cleared the food plot and I headed to the truck to get my flashlight.  The buck only made it 38 yards and piled up, the muzzy got his lung, heart and liver on the way out.  I will take good photos tomorrow but here are some in the meantime.





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