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Bucks filling out nicely

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

PICT0830After running trail cameras for the past two months the bucks have really filled out their racks nicely.  I typically see velvet shed the middle of August in the midwest, so I would say we have 15-20 days of growing left, plenty of time to add 5-10 more inches!

I always enjoy seeing these bucks we have come to know all summer in velvet go to hard antler, and sometimes it takes a bit to figure out who is who!  Of course those “Hit List” bucks you have your eye on will show up and you’ll breathe a little easier knowing they didn’t leave the area when they rubbed the velvet off.

Now is a critical time to not “over-check” the cameras, leave a two week window between checking them, and try to minimize traffic in the areas.  If you haven’t hung your stands yet, get them in the tree, trim your lanes etc now and get out of the woods!

Good Luck!

Dr. Zann misses in Oklahoma

Friday, January 10th, 2014

My good friend Dr. Zann McMahan took up bowhunting this year, we went to Davenport Archery in Prague, OK and got him a bow and all set up.  We practiced shooting all summer and he took it up very quickly.  Zann obtained permission to hunt some land in Edmond, and while he saw deer he wasn’t able to connect.  We have hunted a few times together on my spots, and been skunked thus far.  Zann was off this afternoon and we headed to the tree to see if we could make this happen.  Early on the warm temperature had me worried the deer wouldn’t move, however one of our target bucks appeared off the clear cut headed into the food plot.  I was running camera but managed to look at Zann and tell him to “Breathe”…..unfortunately, like the majority, if not all bowhunters, he missed.  The high of highs and the low of lows…..  I will quit typing and let the video tell the rest of the story.

Dr. Zann McMahan hunts whitetails in Oklahoma from Brad Myers on Vimeo.

First Big Cold Front – How does this affect deer movement

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

While I am no wildlife biologist or scientist, I do know this, the first MAJOR cold front of the year is going to get deer on their feet.  In Oklahoma, where I live and hunt most of the year, we had a record rainfall and the acorns are huge and the deer really haven’t had a need to come to feeders or the food plots to stay warm.  Yesterday it was 72 degrees and this morning it was 30 with a windchill that made it feel 15, the deer now HAVE to eat to stay warm and survive, therefore its time to hunt your food source stands.  I am not hunting today, the wind is howling out of the north 20-40mph, so I will wait and hunt tomorrow, the day AFTER the front, as the wind will lay and I have a feeling that cold frosty morning, with light winds and the sun shining will have the food plot full.  This time of year it only takes one doe to change the day for a big buck.  I have 4 bucks on my “hit list” here in Oklahoma, however only 1 of them makes his appearance known in the daylight so far, but I have a feeling that is all about to change tomorrow.  In conclusion, when you feel like mother nature is being cruel to you cause the “comfortable” temps YOU have been enjoying go away, take advantage of a big cold front, bundle up, and go kill that buck that has to eat to stay warm.