I have been terrible about updating the blog lately.  So to recap, I killed an Oklahoma Buck on Oct 31 that scored right at 141″.  Six days later I was in Kansas and killed a huge bodied deer that scored right at 155″.  Pretty good 6 days if you ask me!  My wife is still out chasing that big 9 in Oklahoma, but so far its been hit or miss.  She almost got a doe the other night, but the stupid doe wouldnt stand still long enough for a shot.  She will kill that big 9!  In a side note, we are FINALLY getting started on our new house, and as my luck there goes, yesterday it rained/sleeted/snowed when they were supposed to pour the footings.  Figures….  I will do better updating the blog, and have an exciting Sponsor change announcement to talk about first of next week.

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