I will be headed to Kansas on Thursday for a long weekend hunt.  I have been talking with my friends in the area, and I should be timing the rut exactly right!  I have the heavy rattlin antlers ready, the decoy, and some Wildlife Research Golden Estrus as well as Dominate Buck scents.  I really hope to catch it a hair early, because I love it when about 10% of the does are in, and the bucks are rut crazed.  This time of the rut is absolutely the best time to rattle in a buck looking for a fight!  I did talk to a friend Dereck last night who shot a nice old bruiser, he was all broken up and came to a snort wheeze!  Congrats Dereck!  Stay tuned, I will be posting LIVE from the treestand this weekend, and sending updates as often as possible!

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