I found two of my Moultrie Cameras missing, where someone had taken the time to break into the bear boxes they were in, and steal them.  I was mad, as I had the right to be, these were the 4th or 5th cameras stolen this year from this piece of ground.  I took to my twitter account and said something about it yesterday.  This morning I was greeted with a nice message from Moultrie.  I know they have thousands of followers and hear it EVERY day some thug took something that wasnt his, but for Moultrie to take the time to send me a nice note and say sorry, meant a lot to me.  I will continue to use Moultrie products on our farms in Oklahoma and Kansas, for many reasons, but now, it is personal.  Thank you Moultrie for making a reliable, affordable, and quality product.  You guys are awesome!

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