I have been managing a 400 acre tract of land, focusing on 50 acres for the past 3 years.  Never before have I seen this much activity until I put out Bone D Monium, this is incredible!  I know you may think, thats just another gimmick produt, trust me, try it out, and you WILL see results.  I am amazed, I have over 400 pictures of bucks, in the daylight hours, the last 3 days!  When just feeding corn and the foodplot I had 1 shooter (145″) 1 up and comer, and a couple small bucks.  Sunday I put out the Bone D Monium and have 5 140″ or better deer on the Moultrie trail cams.  Check it out today at www.bonedmonium.com and trust me, it works!




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