First Big Cold Front – How does this affect deer movement

While I am no wildlife biologist or scientist, I do know this, the first MAJOR cold front of the year is going to get deer on their feet.  In Oklahoma, where I live and hunt most of the year, we had a record rainfall and the acorns are huge and the deer really haven’t had a need to come to feeders or the food plots to stay warm.  Yesterday it was 72 degrees and this morning it was 30 with a windchill that made it feel 15, the deer now HAVE to eat to stay warm and survive, therefore its time to hunt your food source stands.  I am not hunting today, the wind is howling out of the north 20-40mph, so I will wait and hunt tomorrow, the day AFTER the front, as the wind will lay and I have a feeling that cold frosty morning, with light winds and the sun shining will have the food plot full.  This time of year it only takes one doe to change the day for a big buck.  I have 4 bucks on my “hit list” here in Oklahoma, however only 1 of them makes his appearance known in the daylight so far, but I have a feeling that is all about to change tomorrow.  In conclusion, when you feel like mother nature is being cruel to you cause the “comfortable” temps YOU have been enjoying go away, take advantage of a big cold front, bundle up, and go kill that buck that has to eat to stay warm.

Headed to Kansas

I am headed to take my twin boys trick or treating, them I am headed to the farm in Kansas to hunt for 5 days.  The moon is new, the wind shifted to the north today, and I am ready to be in a tree in God’s country!  The bucks should be getting anxious and I have a feeling the next 10 days are going to see the Rut come to life.  This is my favorite time of year to rattle in a big buck, as they are ready to breed, yet no does are, and they are willing to show themselves to take some aggression out on another buck.  I plan to video the hunts myself this weekend, so that always adds another element of challenge to this, but so worth it.  I will be tweeting and blogging live from the tree, so check in often!

New Website, New Season, New Team

I am excited to launch the new site and am more excited about the new partners we have on board for this year.  We are currently hunting in Oklahoma, Kansas, Montana and Wyoming trying to capture as much footage as possible.  We have added new team members, Aaron Hines, Derik Henderson and will be adding a few more over the next few months.  Look for more updates soon!

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