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Our first journal entry for the 2009 hunting season.  I will be blogging every day about upcoming hunts, preparations we make, trail camera photos of bucks we are after, and products we use.  I hope that this blog will be informative, and fun.

I planted a fall food plot on August 26, and it rained that evening, the next day and was sunny all weekend, Monday evening I took the Moultrie trail cameras (i-40) into the food plot area, and there were tracks everywhere, as well as a nice growth of the clover and rye already popping up.  I placed one trail cam in a major pinch point, where a lot of deer enter the field, and another a couple hundred yards to the east where I have been noticing a nice trail coming from the creek area.  I have a new product I truly believe in, Bone D Monium.  I poured a bag of Bone D Monium on the ground in front of each trail camera, just to draw the deer into the camera’s range.  I left the plot around 7 pm that evening.  Tuesday afternoon around 5:30 I went to check the cameras, since I had to go by the plot and get a soil sample anyway, and pulled the cards, I had 175 pics on one camera and 432 pics on the other!

Buck in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Shooter

The deer LOVE Bone D Monium, and I was impressed.  I had a really nice 9 point eat for almost an hour on one spot.  The deer ate almost all the Bone D Monium overnight and the next morning.  I am looking forward to seeing the result of the food plot and hopefully watch Terra smack a big buck!  Check back daily and look for a giveaway coming up in the near future!

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