This past weekend I spent some time in the woods putting out trail cameras and checking out some new properties.  It is hard to get too excited about deer hunting when its 95 and humid but this is the time of year that you can put in a little work to get good results in the fall.  I like to get my weedeater out and clear an area 15-20 yards wide so you don’t run your trail cam batteries down with 1000 photos of the wind blowing tall grass and weeds around.  I use an attractant, or corn, to just get those deer passing by to stop long enough for a photo.  I like Ed’s Buck Buffet, as it has high protein counts and the does seem to really like it this time of year while they are nursing fawns.  While it is very hard to leave the cameras alone without checking them, I try to wait at least two weeks, so that I minimize traffic and scent this time of year.  This is also a fun time for me to take my three year old twin boys out to the woods to “help daddy” but I have to be extra careful to check them for ticks, they are thick this year.  Of course I have a Brute Outdoors cooler full of ice cold drinks in the back of the truck  at all times as well!

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